Martha Glass: Theresienstadt Diaries 1943-1945

Source Description

The diary covers the period of two years and seven months. It consists of three octavo notebooks: The first entry in notebook 1 was made between March 6 and March 11, 1943 (undated); Notebook 2 begins with a note dated November 15, 1943; Notebook 3 starts on August 1, 1945 and ends with an entry dated November 8, 1945. In addition to the entries, the notebooks also contain notes and poems that were transcribed as well. As far as possible, the transcriptions are true to the original; any changes, additions, or editorial notes are marked as such. Footnotes that already exist in the print edition are shown as (i)-buttons; newly added notes by the Institute for the History of German Jews that reflect the latest state of research are marked as endnotes. The transcribed text is also put side by side with the digital facsimile. More detailed information about the edition guidelines can be found here.

The editor is Dr. Barbara Müller-Wesemann; responsible for the new edition and editing of the digital edition: Institute for the History of German Jews, additional editors: Dr. Sonja Dickow-Rotter, Dr. Anna Menny; technical realization: Daniel Burckhardt, translation: Dr. Erwin Fink. We would like to thank the Hamburg State Agency for Civic Education Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung Hamburg for its financial support.

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Recommended Citation

Martha Glass: Theresienstadt Diaries 1943-1945 (translated by Erwin Fink), edited in: Key Documents of German-Jewish History, <> [May 19, 2024].