This source edition is a model project for testing and improving existing digital infrastructures. The project takes advantage of open source solutions and integrates common standard formats for digital editions such as MODS (catalog data), METS (digitized content), TEI P5 (text tagging of the transcripts and translations), DOI (persistent identification) and GND-Beacon files.

    From a Source to a Document.
    Design: Sandra Morath, edelweiss* büro für grafik und design.

    The digitized records (facsimiles), transcripts (full text), and translations are embedded into a visually appealing frontend by means of the MyCoRe viewer for METS Containers.[1] The user-friendly presentation was implemented in a common open source framework.[2]

    Digitization has been carried out following the practical guidelines on “Digitisation” established by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).[3] All digital files, TEI files, and metadata are also stored for long-term archiving as a METS Container in an instance of the MyCoRe repository.[4]


    [2] The source code is available at (Accessed August 5, 2020).
    [4] Due to our cooperation with the University of Hamburg’s Regionals Rechenzentrum as partner for digital long-term archiving the MyCoRe platform primarily used there was chosen for this project.