This online source edition is published by the Institute for the History of German Jews (IGdJ) and is conceived as open access content. The IGdJ makes the online source edition “Key Documents in German-Jewish History” available on its website. The following terms apply for its non-commercial use:[1]

    These terms apply to the areas of licensing, public domain, digitized content, sustainability, rights and legal matters.

    1. Licensing

    The introductions and source interpretations are self-contained contributions that are assigned a permanent URL and a Creative Commons license (CC license). There are suggestions for citation at the end of each article. All source interpretations and introductions include the author’s name and suggestions for citation. The texts and their translations are generally published under the license “CC BY-NC-ND 4.0” (Name: author name, article, in: Key Documents of German-Jewish History, date, URL). This allows for secondary use of the unedited text on condition of full citation for academic and other non-commercial purposes.[2] Whenever a text is used, the information on copyright and permission given in the suggestions for citation must be included.

    2. Public domain

    For sources that are no longer protected by copyright, the pure text version is not subject to licensing (unless otherwise noted). This means the pure text version of a work (without the annotations included in the XML and HTML versions) may be used for such sources in the sense of public domain without any limitations.

    3. Digitized Content

    This project was made possible by cooperation with several archives and libraries that made selected works from their holdings available for digitization. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, the following applies: digitized images are displayed on the condition of scholarly and private use of the image data only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited, and any display of an image must include information on the institution owning it. Publication of digitized images by third parties is permissible only after obtaining permission from the institution owning them and in accordance with their rules and regulations.

    The copyright to the digitized images featured in the source edition is held by the archives and libraries mentioned. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, the following applies: for questions concerning the reproduction of images in publications, etc. please contact the institutions holding them directly.

    4. Long-term Preservation

    This project is a long-term undertaking, and regular updates and additions are intended. In order to ensure the permanent display of its content, it will be archived in the MyCore repository at Hamburg University’s Regionales Rechenzentrum (RRZ). DOI ensure the long-term citability of digital content independent of specific institutional responsibility or technical infrastructure.

    5. Rights and Permissions

    Copyright information is given for all material, all texts created for the project have been assigned CC licenses, and information on the holding institution is provided for all sources in order to create the highest possible level of transparency for users.

    Sources and transcripts include information on permissions and copyright as stipulated by the respective holding institution. Downloads of sources are permitted for research purposes but not for further distribution or publication. For material protected by copyright the options for use are limited. The Institute for the History of German Jews is not liable for violations against existing terms of use.

    6. Disclaimer

    The Institute for the History of the German Jews does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the content provided, nor does it guarantee uninterrupted functioning of the website or permanent accessibility of the internet application.

    With particular regard to paragraphs 86a and 130 of the Criminal Code (StGB) of the Federal Republic of Germany, we state that the content displayed on these pages does not serve a propagandistic purpose, advertise for banned organizations or associations, deny or downplay National Socialist crimes, nor is it displayed with the purpose of debasing human dignity. The content displayed on these pages (in words and images) exclusively serves the purposes of research in the areas of history, the social sciences, and cultural studies as defined in paragraph 86 StGB, section 3. It is published with the intention of imparting knowledge that will encourage intellectual independence and a willingness to take responsibility among all citizens and thus serve the purpose of promoting their political maturity.


    [1] For digitized content made available by our partner institutions, the respective institution’s terms of use apply.
    [2] This text is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non-commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License ( As long as the work is unedited and you give appropriate credit according to the Recommended Citation, you may reuse and redistribute the material in any medium or format for non-commercial purposes.

    This text is based on the Terms of Use of Deutsches Textarchiv and may be copied and redistributed in accordance with the provisions of the CC-BY-NC 3.0 for non-commercial purposes in any format or medium.