Hilfsverein der Juden in Deutschland [Aid Organization of German Jews], from Annual Report, 1907 [Excerpt]

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The business reports of the Aid Organization of German Jews  Hilfsverein der deutschen Juden were published annually since 1902 and documented in great detail the emigration trends among eastern European and especially Russian and Galician Jews. In the appendix to the sixth business report presented here, the Aid Organization Hilfsverein gives an overview of Jewish emigration from eastern Europe for the calendar year 1907 and illustrates the association’s extensive support for Jewish emigrants by means of statistics, tables, and reports. Between 1901 and 1918, the Aid Organization Hilfsverein became the leading organizer of Jewish emigration from eastern European and, as part of the network of Jewish aid organizations cooperating internationally, primarily took charge of Jewish emigrants’ transit through Germany. In addition to a description of the activities of its Berlin headquarters and the Berlin-based Central Bureau for Jewish Emigration  Zentralbureau für jüdische Auswanderungsangelegenheiten founded in 1904 (pp. 103-105; p. 116f.), there are sections in the appendix to the business report dedicated to the Aid Organization’s HilfsvereinHamburg (pp. 113-115) and Bremen (p. 115f.) chapters, which clearly emphasizes their importance within the association’s structure. The local Hamburg chapter was headed by Paul Simon Laskar (1857-1926), who had been a member of the Aid Organization’s Hilfsverein executive committee since 1901. As one of the largest North Sea ports, Hamburg was an important transit point for Jewish emigrants from eastern Europe on their way to the United States.
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Hilfsverein der Juden in Deutschland [Aid Organization of German Jews], from Annual Report, 1907 [Excerpt] (translated by Insa Kummer), edited in: Key Documents of German-Jewish History, <https://dx.doi.org/10.23691/jgo:source-155.en.v1> [July 19, 2024].