Page from Eva Wartburg’s Notepad (1938)

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On six pages of a notepad, kindergarten teacher Eva Warburg wrote down the names of some of the children enrolled at the Jewish day care center at Jungfrauenthal 37 in Hamburg, which she ran, who were to be evacuated abroad in late 1938 in view of the increasing persecution of Jews. The page shown here is now in the archives of the central Israeli memorial site Yad Vashem. According to a handwritten reference in the same collection, her mother Anna Warburg also noted the children’s destinations on this list after her daughter had left for Sweden. The excerpt of her notes shown here lists the names of two pairs of siblings and a boy, who were to be sent to Sweden. They are four out of about a dozen children for whom Sweden is indicated as the destination. In total, about 500 German and Austrian Jewish children were probably rescued by Kindertransport [child evacuation] to Sweden. These were organized in close cooperation between German and Austrian Jewish aid organizations and the Jewish congregation of Stockholm [Mosaiska församlingen i Stockholm]. The aim was to bring the children to safety in Sweden and to make it easier for their parents to find a way to escape. The ultimate goal was to reunite them with their parents in exile.
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Page from Eva Wartburg’s Notepad (1938) (translated by Insa Kummer), edited in: Key Documents of German-Jewish History, <> [July 19, 2024].