Renaming of Hallerstraße in Ostmarkstraße, Hamburg, November 1st, 1938


    Source Description

    This photo was published in the newspaper Hamburger Anzeiger on November 1st, 1938. It shows an older man in work clothes and peaked cap with a street sign reading “Hallerstrasse,” which he has just removed, tucked under his left arm. He is looking at the new sign reading “Ostmarkstrasse” he has just mounted and also at the new designation of the street section where houses no. 72-78 were located. This was where the street used to split off into “Hallerplatz,” and the houses located there were now considered part of Grindelhof.
    The photographer whose name is given as “Frege” could not be identified. While the quality of this picture is inadequate, the process it documents exemplifies how the National Socialist rulers intended to remove any reminder of the Jews from Hamburg’s cityscape. A photo of the same event taken from the opposite side was shown in the exhibition “Vierhundert Jahre Juden in Hamburg” at the Hamburg Historical Museum Museum für hamburgische Geschichte (1991). The source interpretation is based on files located in the Hamburg State Archive.
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    Renaming of Hallerstraße in Ostmarkstraße, Hamburg, November 1st, 1938, edited in: Key Documents of German-Jewish History, <> [July 22, 2024].