Agathe Lasch’s Curriculum Vitae, 1921

Source Description

Few personal records of Agathe Lasch have survived. Therefore, her two handwritten CVs, which are preserved in the State Archives in Hamburg, are all the more valuable. The first one is handwritten but not dated; the second one is a typewritten two-part version, dated and signed in Agathe Lasch’s own handwriting. The first part therefore dates from 1921, the second one from 1926. Both curricula vitae are unusual documents from a time when Hamburg’s former “Kolonialinstitut” was transformed into a university and, after a long struggle, women finally gained official access to higher education. Agathe Lasch, however, did not apply to the newly founded university as a student; she was already an experienced scholar who confidently highlighted her exceptional qualifications in both of her CVs. The first, shorter curriculum vitae was written in the course of her habilitation procedure, the second one in the context of her appointment to a professorship at the University of Hamburg, which made her the first female professor in German studies in Germany. Attached to the second curriculum vitae is a “biographical form” and a list of publications, which show that Lasch had published continuously in recognized journals since receiving her doctorate in Heidelberg in 1909 and that she had developed new topics beyond her dissertation.
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Recommended Citation

Agathe Lasch’s Curriculum Vitae, 1921 (translated by Insa Kummer), edited in: Key Documents of German-Jewish History, <> [July 19, 2024].