Sephardic Synagogue “Bäckerstrasse” 3D Model

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The history of the synagogue of the Portuguese congregation Neve Shalom in Hamburg-Altona and its destruction in 1940 can only be reconstructed in fragments since only few written and pictorial sources exist. It was consecrated in 1771 in a backyard in what was then Bäckerstraße (today: Hoheschulstraße) and continued to be used by the High German Israelite Congregation Hochdeutsche Israeliten-Gemeinde from 1887. Today the entire area is developed with apartment buildings; there is no memorial plaque. In addition to pen and ink drawings from 1916 Published as a black and white pen and ink drawing in: Synagogue Bäckerstraße, in: Synagoge Bäckerstraße, in: Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden (ed.), Das Jüdische Hamburg. Ein historisches Nachschlagewerk, online:äckerstraße (21.10.2020). and 1917 Published as a gray-brown partially colored pen and ink drawing in: Synagoge der portugiesisch-israelitischen Gemeinde in Altona (Bäckerstraße), in: Museumsverband Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg e. V. Museen Nord (ed.), Sammlungen vernetzen – Kultur sichern, online: (21.10.2020). by Ludwig Schwarz and an undated oil painting by Martin Peter Georg Feddersen, all of which show the west façade with the entrance as a frontal view in the courtyard situation, and a few photographs, only the former crest of the entrance portal still exists, which was given to the Altona Museum: a sculptural crown above the monogram of the Danish King Christian VII, who had permitted the construction of the synagogue in 1770. The 3D model is based on research conducted at the Bet Tfila Research Center for Jewish Architecture in Europe at the Technical University of Braunschweig, which made it possible to reconstruct both the building and its interior design. A 1:50 scale model made of wood formed the basis for the creation of this simulation. Thus the building is not only documented as a virtual reconstruction, but can also be experienced by the viewer in the present.
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Sephardic Synagogue “Bäckerstrasse” 3D Model (translated by Insa Kummer), edited in: Key Documents of German-Jewish History, <> [April 17, 2024].