Martha Glass ― Theresienstadt Diaries 1943-1945

Welcome to the home of our new online dossier as part of the Key Documents Edition. Here you will find the digital republication of the Theresienstadt diaries of the Hamburg Jewess Martha Glass. The original facsimiles of the diaries together with transcripts and a translation as well as an introduction written by Dr. Barbara Müller-Wesemann and updated by the editors of the Key Documents Edition are provided. All texts are bilingual (German / English) in the usual manner of our edition, marked up according to TEI P5 and tagged with standard data. “Additional Material” contains further sources on Theresienstadt as well as references to relevant online resources.

25 years after the publication of the first edition of the diary by Dr. Barbara Müller-Wesemann, the study of testimonies of National Socialist persecution has not lost its relevance in a social climate aggravated by increasing antisemitism and xenophobia. The new digital edition aims to increase the visibility of this historical document while at the same time enriching it with additional (digital) functionalities.

Concept and editing: Dr. Sonja Dickow-Rotter, Dr. Anna Menny, technical implementation: Daniel Burckhardt, mark-up: Tabea Henn, translation: Dr. Erwin Fink. Supported by the Hamburg State Agency for Civic Education.