Jasmin Centner


Jasmin Centner (born 1988), M.A., is member of the Walter A. Berendsohn Research Center for German Exile Literature. In her doctoral thesis, submitted in January 2020, she worked on narratives of return in the context of violence and displacement. In 2019 she was a visiting researcher at NYU and Yale University. Her research interests include exile literature, German-Jewish literature as well as camp literature. Recent publications: Der Völkermord an den Sinti und Roma bei Johannes Bobrowski und Erich Hackl, in: KulturPoetik 19 (2019) 2, pp. 276–301; Rückkehr aus dem Exil als Paradigma transnationaler Literatur (together with Doerte Bischoff), in: Handbuch Literatur & Transnationalität. Berlin 2019, pp. 416–428; Odysseus als mythische Identifikationsfigur in Primo Levis „Atempause“, in: helden. heroes. héros 5 (2017) 1, pp. 59–69.