Guidelines for the Use of Materials in the Key Documents Edition

    The source edition “Key Documents of German-Jewish History” is published by the Institute for the History of German Jews (IGdJ) and is conceived as open access content for academic use.

    All documents and articles are provided with information on copyright and licenses and suggestions for proper citation.

    Possibilities for academic use and for use in teaching

    The introductions and source interpretations are usually published under the license “CC BY-NC-ND 4.0” (Attribution: author name, article, in: Key Documents of German-Jewish History, date, URL). This allows for secondary use of the unedited text on condition of full citation for academic and other non-commercial purposes., e. g. for use in the classroom. Whenever a text is used, the information on copyright and permission given in the suggestions for citation must be included. In the case of excerpted citation, any omissions and changes must be indicated.

    The copyrights to the digitized images featured in the source edition are usually held by the preserving institutions. For questions concerning the reproduction of images, for example in publications, interested parties should contact the institutions holding them directly.

    Where legally possible, an option is provided to download the sources for scholarly purposes or for use in teaching, for example, as part of a lecture / presentation or for the production of class materials (non-commercial). However, any kind of publication (online or print) is only permitted if the digital copy is provided explicitly under a corresponding Creative Commons license or as public domain.

    The same applies to the use of transcripts. Suggestion for correct citation mentioning the “Key Documents” edition as proper origin can be found on the respective page.

    Additional information on licensing can be found under Terms and Conditions.