On occasion of this year’s 50th anniversary, the Institute for the History of the German Jews (IGdJ) published a digital source edition on “Key documents of German-Jewish History”, which was launched during the “Historikertag” (51st Biennial Meeting of German Historians) in Hamburg.

    The digital source edition illustrates central thematic aspects of Hamburg’s Jewish history from the Early Modern Period to the present. The editorial team understands Hamburg hereby as a model for broader developments and questions of German-Jewish history.

    In order to extend the edition, the IGdJ is looking for scholars who are interested in presenting and discussing questions and findings from their research by using a concrete historical source.

    The bilingual source edition (English / German) is mainly intended for students and researchers, but it also wants to provide insight into the subject to the interested broader public and high school students. The materials will be presented as transcripts and facsimile and will be embedded in their historical contexts with the help of interpretative texts providing information about the historical context, historiographic reception and academic controversies.

    All material can be accessed via three different approaches: a map, a timeline and thematic topics. These thematic categories are supervised by editors and are introduced by an article that gives a general overview to the topic.

    More sources and interpretative texts are planned to be successively published on the website of the digital source edition. Therefore, we welcome articles in all thematic categories, as long as they are connected to the Jewish history of Hamburg.

    A short description of the source (150-200 words) and an interpretative text (1500 words) are needed for the digital source edition. The interpretative articles can be written in German or English. Possible sources are text documents, pictures, audio documents and video sections as well as objects.

    Please send proposals for sources and an informative outline of the respective interpretative article, shortly depicting the source and its historical context, to Dr. Anna Menny (anna.menny@igdj-hh.de). Please add a short CV. Furthermore, please provide a preliminary reference to the usage rights. We explicitly encourage young researchers to apply.